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Why there is The Hill

When the Dragon Whispers the wise man listens. During the early 1980’s I started having a dream it was always the same men came to me in my dream. They stated that they were now just dust blowing in the wind and all they had left was their names and they were being forgotten even by their families.

They were a wounded and ragged bunch and they carried an American Flag. It was battle ripped and torn with blood dripping from the stripes and it was the names of the men standing in the group.

They stated that they had given their all for this Country and Freedom. Now they were being forgotten and being discarded.

They wanted a remembrance for them in the shape of the heart for it is the patriotic heart for this Country that makes them stand at attentionand state that they will protect this America from enemies foreign or domestic.

It is the brave and strong heart that makes a man stand and protect his friends that stand around him to the point of being wounded or KIA he is that strong heart more afraid to run than stand his ground and not leave his friends. It is the hearts that are broken when that young man returns home in the Flag shrouded coffins.

To his loved ones and friends who can’t understand the loss or why someone so young has to die it’s just the broken heart that have to try live with the loss of a Son, Daughter, Friend or Sweetheart.

They continued to come in my dreams every night until Memorial Day 1987, I was in a wheel chair but with my wife’s help I along with her we started off on a campaign to find a way to build a Memorial . Objective to pay reverence and honor to the men who gave their all to their Countries Call. It should be a memorial not of war but respect for what they gave so as to bring unity between Veterans of all wars, we wish to honor them.

I had worked with Jan Scruggs and B. T. Collins, I picked their brains to see how to go about our endeavor. We had a meeting with Assemblyman Rusty Areias and California Viet Nam Veteran Memorial Fund Vice President B. T. Collins. I met with Senator Eric Seastrand, Assemblyman Rusty Areias, Supervisor Barbara Shipnuck, Sheriff Bud Cook, Mayor Russ Jefferies, Mayor Henry Mellow and the American Legion Riders who gave their all.

Dave Northstrand gave me all the coverage he could from the Salinas Californian in 1987 he covered me on my poetry. Clay Peterson took pictures of me starting in 1987 in the Carmel Fall Arts Festival show. In 1990 my art was sent around the country in Healing The Wounds Vietnam Veterans and their Art sponsored by Leslie Freeland. My wife and I followed along to as many towns as we could still trying to raise funds. In 1989 Martha Ray threw her support to our cause.

In 1989 I met with a few others who wanted to build a memorial to the men from Monterey County who gave their all in Viet Nam we then came up with a name it was and sill is the Monterey County Viet Nam Veterans Memorial Committee it grew from there to what it is now.

The last time the men came to me in my dreams they were in their dress uniforms and standing tall they said now they would not be forgotten and now they could rest in peace.

Above all the Committee are the ones that made the Monterey County Viet Nam Veterans Memorial come to what it is, it couldn't been done without their
dedication, blood, sweat and tears

Thank you for all your work

Your Friend

Dave Keith


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